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Entries from August 6th, 2010

Mad Men provides great setting for nostalgic brands

August 6th, 2010 No Comments

Tim and I love AMC’s critically acclaimed series Mad Men.  We’ve watched it every season.  Although ratings have been relatively low, there seems to be quite a buzz now about it. We took special note during the last couple episodes when packaged-goods marketing giant Unilever launched a Dove campaign that was created to look very much like the [...]


World of Mouth

August 4th, 2010 No Comments

FANTASTIC video illustrating the power of Social Media in our society today.



August 2nd, 2010 3 Comments

There is enormous competition in the insurance industry.  Allstate has Dennis Haysbert and Mayhem.  Geico has the Gecko and Cavemen.  This is one category that works hard and creatively to be top of mind and is fighting for your insurance premiums in multiple categories.  I enjoy watching them spar.  Progressive has Flo.  This actress does an amazing [...]