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Entries from July 29th, 2011

Above the Fold…hasn’t changed with new technology

July 29th, 2011 No Comments

I bought media back in the 80′s.  It was drilled into me that when purchasing newspaper, there were clear advantages to being “above the fold”.  The same apparently holds true today with our new technology. According to new research released this week by Casale Media, above-the-fold ad placements displayed within the first screen of a user’s [...]


Public prefers “Hospitals” ove “Medical Centers”

July 27th, 2011 No Comments

Marketers are always looking for a new “spin” on an old idea.  A way to “re-label” an old idea to get an advantage in the consumer’s mind.  According to one instance, it appears some marketers haven’t checked with those that matter…the Public. They may offer the same services, but a “hospital” offers better care than a [...]


I don’t wanna grow old

July 22nd, 2011 1 Comment

At some point, most brands, organizations, countries and yes, people, start talking about themselves like they’re old.  I’ve never really felt old, although it did enter my mind last week when I looked around a meeting and realized that everyone else was half my age.  I recently found myself talking about myself like I’m getting old and I’ve [...]


Information is key

July 19th, 2011 No Comments

In today’s world, information is easily accessible.  You don’t know the answer?  Google it?  There’s no excuse for not being informed. I’m blown away when someone enters new territory without doing a bit of research. Consider the knucklehead saleperson who makes a call without checking out their prospect.  Or someone who goes on vacation to a [...]


Smartphones Reach Key Milestone; Now Owned by 1 in 3 Americans

July 14th, 2011 No Comments

For the three-month average period ending in May, 234 million Americans ages 13 and older used mobile devices. Device manufacturer Samsung ranked as the top OEM with 24.8 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers, followed by LG with 21.1 percent share and Motorola with 15.1 percent share. Apple strengthened its position at #4 with 8.7 percent [...]


Facebook Popular for Retail Promotions

July 12th, 2011 2 Comments

According to the Compete quarterly Online Shopper Intelligence Study, online consumers are now using retailers’ Facebook pages as online circulars to engage with brands online. The report says that one-quarter of consumers now visit an official Facebook page for a retailer or consumer product at least once a month, and 56% of these respondents say [...]


Make sure right choice is easy

July 8th, 2011 No Comments

According to,over the past several decades Americans have steadily gotten fatter. Although our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are partly to blame, a big reason for our national weight gain is that we’re simply eating more. In the mid-2000s, government surveys show, the average American adult ate about 2,375 calories per day, nearly one-third more than [...]


Nice Try – Dad

July 6th, 2011 No Comments

Love love love this commercial from VW.  Clever way of presenting their back up camera feature that will have great recall because it’s so relatable.  Great job VW!