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A guy I sometimes think about

February 18th, 2011 by Deb McLean

There’s a guy I think about from time to time and I never knew his name.  In fact, I know nothing about him.  We never had a conversation, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget his smiling face.  

You see, he chose to do things a little different than what was expected in his position and he went out of his way to make people smile. 

About 16 years ago there was some construction being done on Palm Beach near where I worked.  For weeks I passed this young man every morning as he directed folks around the roadwork.  Yes, he was efficient at what he did, but he danced and smiled and waved at everyone as they went by.   He made his job fun and you couldn’t help but be caught up in this young man’s enthusiasm for life in only the few moments you were in his presence.  He took a mundane task and made it more enjoyable for himself and those around him.  He chose to start every morning with a smile and he made others smile with him.

There’s an obvious lesson here regardless of what your position.  Take a moment and think about how you handle your job, your clients or your kids.  What are you doing to make yourself or someone else smile today?

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