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Advertising 101: Top 10 Reasons to Advertise

February 28th, 2011 by Deb McLean

1. Advertising establishes contact.

Advertising is a preferred method for introducing people to products and services. Advertising cultivates new prospects and builds awareness.

2. Advertising builds preference.

Advertising is a proven means of raising a brand’s reputation and preference level among customers. Brand preference is directly affected by investing in advertising.

3. Advertising educates and develops prospects.

Most consumers prefer to learn more about products before purchasing. Advertising turns wants into needs. Advertising helps educate, and it helps differentiate benefits and features.

4. Advertising reduces the cost of sales.

Advertising is a tool for selling existing customers more and reducing the cost of sales. Knowledgeable customers often know exactly what they want to buy, reducing the time it takes to sell them. It costs about one-fifth as much to retain and sell to an existing customer as it does to acquire and sell to a new one.

5. Advertising helps sell existing customers more products and services.

One study found that nine out of 10 buyers continue to pay close attention to ads of products they’ve already purchased so they can find out about new models and upgrades.

6. Advertising helps close the sale.

Advertising builds traffic, provides incentives for acting now and links to websites, coupons and toll-free numbers, which can all directly help in closing the sale.

7. Advertising is an effective sales tool.

If your company advertises regularly, your prospects are more than likely already aware of you.

8. Advertising saves time for both you and your customers.

Customers believe that advertising saves them time and money in comparison shopping. Therefore, the customer who has been exposed to advertising is closer to making an informed decision, saving you time and money.

9. Advertising keeps you top-of-mind.

For most product categories, fewer than 4 percent buy a particular general merchandise product in a given week. About half of this 4 percent buy an item within a week of deciding to make the purchase. The purchase is typically unplanned. Once the decision to buy is made, the consumer relies heavily on advertising to help them decide where to buy.

10. Advertising works!

Millions of manufacturers, retailers, service businesses and individuals advertise every day, over and over again, because advertising works.

Advertising can, but rarely, produce significant instantaneous results. It’s an investment in your company’s future growth. It creates a “mind share,” putting your business in a better position to capture those customers ready to buy.

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