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Building Relationships One Smile at a Time

November 1st, 2010 by Deb McLean

I like people.   I’ve always liked people.  Lots of different people.  I don’t know where I get it from, but I know I’ve passed it on to my daughter.  We’re both what many call “A People Person”.

It’s helped me a great deal in business.  Business success is all about relationships. One of my favorite clients that I can easily call a friend is someone I’ve never met in person.  Our business relationship and friendship is 100% through email and phone conversations.  It can happen in many ways. 

Relationships play a big role in marketing and sales, getting deals done, developing and maintaining long-term partnerships with customers, garnering support from your peers and coworkers, selling your ideas and helping you get ahead in your career.

A few tips to building relationships

  1. Always do what you say you’re going to do.  Whether it’s a customer, a co-worker or your kid.
  2. Be genuine.  People see through someone trying too hard and it makes them uncomfortable.  Just be yourself with your faults, charms and idiosyncrasies.
  3. DON’T BS.  BSing destroys credibility.  People won’t like you or trust you if they feel you’re full of it.
  4. It’s never about you; it’s always about them. Connecting with people means finding things you have in common, or even different views on a subject you both feel strongly about. You already know you, what you don’t know is them.
  5. People like attention. I know some say they don’t, but generally people like attention, to be noticed, to connect and engage. That is, as long as you’re not BSing them!
  6. Don’t go overboard. Next to BSing and trying to be someone you’re not, trying too hard is the biggest turnoff. No one likes a pushy person.
  7. Always be appropriate. Never overstep your boundaries or make others feel uncomfortable.  Not sure what is appropriate? It’s different for everyone, so pay attention; they’ll let you know.
  8. Always be respectful of people’s time. Even with all our time-saving gadgets, we have so little time, it’s our most precious resource.  
  9. Listen. Nobody likes to be talked at. People like people who will listen.  Give them a chance.   
  10. Be open and smile. It’s true that sometimes you really can’t judge a book by its cover, so don’t.  Approach people and allow yourself to be approached.  Your next big account or BFF could be just a smile away. 

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