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Do Blondes have more success?

July 23rd, 2010 by Deb McLean

Just read this in Harvard Business Review and I had to share… 

One way to increase your earning power is to get more education. Here’s another: Dye your hair blonde.

A recent newsletter factoid points to a Queensland University of Technology study showing that blondes earn 7% more than brunettes. This effect “is as large as the wage boost from an additional year of education,” according to a study of 13,000 caucasian women.

This blonde effect has coattails. “The men they marry earn an average of 6% more than husbands of women with other hair colors,” according to the research authored by David W. Johnston.

This data courtesy The Daily Stat newsletter from Harvard Business Review.

My take is that good looks do help in the workplace and most Blondes aren’t naturally blonde.  In fact, according to a Reader’s Digest article, it’s only about 2 percent.  Truth be told, many of these gals work harder to stay attractive than their brunette sisters.   Nothing in this that will change the world, just found it interesting and worth sharing.

Did I ever tell you the one about the blond, the brunette and the redhead?

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  • What are you saying about blondes McLean? LOL!!

  • Are all of you crazy, to talk about women’s hair color ?
    Why should women be pitted against women because
    of hair color ?

    You should do that to men. They need a little deflation from their egos. White skin LACKS color. It makes these people feel inferior. And that’s why blondes say they are superior.

    Like a friends said, “when you’re pointing one finger at another, three are pointing back to you.”

    Make that shape with your index finger only, pointing out.

    America is like some immature, dumb-ass society that I don’t see behaviors like this in Europe or anywhere.

    I’m considered quite attractive. I’m quite accomplished.
    That’s because I don’t live for that one glance.

    This salary thing is a passing thing. There are non-blondes across the world that are prime ministers and

    ONE THING: if you tell a blonde that white men love Asian women, they will make a fast come back with,
    “Asian women are submissive.”

    Tell me, blondes are NOT submissibve ? They put on lipstick a million times per second,they swing their hair
    over their shoulders all day and are basically, out to
    compete. Isn’t their constant third eye that scans for
    “lookers”, make them SUBMISSIVE to men ?

    Asian women are taught in their culture, to talk soft
    and act sweetly. Lots of them are Buddhists or come
    from Buddhist influenced nations.

    They don’t swing their hair along, have porcelain
    complexions without make-up and have


    They don’t define themselves through men’s eyes.
    Blondes are submissive.

    *************** Lies By Omission

    Blondes do not want anyone to know that they

    1. wrinkle by age 45 or so
    2. that their hair is so scanty it’s ridiculous
    3. they gauge their self worth by men’s glances
    4. that nobody’s watching them, as they come into a
    5. they’re submissive to men, and arrogant towards
    women who are more attractive and more

    acommplished than they are.

    Well, sorry. I had to set somethings straight.
    This salary crap is a trend because at one time they
    used to be called “dumb blondes.”

    I would say that anybody that uses power plays bec
    of some yellow hair, should be now called,
    “dumber than ever blondes.”