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Does my butt look big in this ad?

July 14th, 2010 by Deb McLean

Unilever/Dove’s “Real beauty” campaign is “real” good.  Although, its upcoming casting call is being criticized for what their opinion is of “real beauty”. They’ll no doubt love the controversy — starting a debate about “real beauty” is the whole point. 

Unilever and Ogilvy is looking for the following qualities for anyone who wants to pose in their underwear for the soap bar: You must want to be in an ad but not be a “model”; must be “stylish and cool” but “no tattoos”; must be “real” but “flawless”; and must have “great sparkling personalities” but only your image will be used.  Little confusing, but I get their point.  The images of these women could be blown up to fit the side of a bus.  It is still for soap.  These gals still need to look “clean”.  Tattoos don’t look clean on the side of a bus.

With so much other brands retouching their photos, I find this refreshing.

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