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Don’t forget your internal customers (employees)

November 5th, 2010 by Deb McLean

Certain people (and you know who they are) spread their bad attitudes like a virus.   It brings internal customers down and your external customers can catch it too.  Happy employees reflect well on your company.

We’ve started a “Fun Committee” at work.  Yes, I’m involved.  In fact, I head the Fun Committee. 

A Gallup organization reports that 71 of 100 people are not engaged with their work and that 17 of those people are ‘actively disengaged’. Those 17 actually ‘work’ to make things worse.  How bad must it be for someone to feel compelled to invest their limited time and energy in tearing things and people down?  Bottom line, they are unhappy.  I don’t have much time for those kinds of people.  Granted, some people are never happy.  For the vast majority, however,  a positive work environment leads to happy employees and better productivity!

Encourage people to participate.  We most recently held a Tailgate Party out in the parking lot.  Yes, there were those that said, “It’s gonna be soooo hot”.  “What can we do out there?”   We did it anyway.  Had lots of food and drink and tailgate games including a contest of Corn Toss.  It was a hoot!  Afterwards, everyone couldn’t say enough great things about it.  Last Friday we held a Halloween contest.  I was blown away by the level of participation.  People went all out and decorated their area and created “themes” in various departments.  Then at 3:30, we had employees bring in their little gouls and goblins for trick or treating and a little Halloween party.  It will surely become an annual event.

It’s become contagious, we have multiple activities planned from a cookie exchange to working for Metropolitan Ministries as a team.  It doesn’t take a lot of money from the bottom line and in most cases none.  What it does do is build on our positive team attitude and our terrific culture.  It’s certainly worth the effort. 

 Happy employees lead to better productivity.

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  • So true – happy employees are more invested in their workplace and enjoy work more. Those events were a blast and something that makes you feel as part of a team, not just an individual. Its fun to kick back and get to know someone on a more personal level, not just a professional one. Helps enhance both relationships. Great job Ms. Fun Committee Chair!!