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Facebook introduces real-time advertising to help marketers

April 4th, 2011 by Deb McLean

Businesses could use Facebook to help market their products after it was revealed the social networking site is using real-time conversations to help target advertising.  The move is a significant development which could see words in statuses used to help companies with their marketing on the site.  

According to, Facebook has been delivering targeted advertising for a long time, but the move is its first venture into a real-time platform.  Reggie Bradford, the chief executive officer of Facebook software and marketing company Vitrue, told the news provider that this is a “massive market shift everyone is pivoting toward”.

“The long-held promise of local is to deliver timely, relevant and measurable ads which drive actions such as commerce, so if Facebook is moving in this direction, it’s brilliant,” he said.

Earlier this month, Facebook UK’s commercial director of operations said that Facebook offers a “two-way dialogue” for customers, putting the user at the forefront of marketing campaigns.

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