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Fashion doesn’t wait

February 25th, 2011 by Deb McLean

I don’t shop at JCPenney.  My family did when we were kids, but I haven’t walked into one in years.  Although I’m not a big shopper, as an adult I am drawn to other retailers like Nordstroms and Dillards.  But I am aware that JC Penney did an integrated marketing campaign for the 2010 Back-to-School season that featured cutting edge, creative marketing aimed at teens. They used an array of innovative interactive and user-generated content, encouraging teens to take control and discover their extensive assortment of exciting styles and brands at affordable prices.  Some was good, but their efforts on Facebook leave much to be desired and didn’t feature much of an assortment.  Teens are very savvy with social media and fashion.  They can be easily drawn away from a brand if they are not engaged. 

Now, JC Penney is the sole retail sponsor trying to capture the minds (and wallets) of hordes of TV viewers tuning in to the Oscars this Sunday. JCP’s taking full advantage of its time in the spotlight with a series of ads showcasing its latest new look.  Although most people won’t even realize the logo changed, JCP is using the commercials to continue a slow and steady assault on consumers’ mindsets. It’s an effort that’s gathering steam.  It may get some people to check them out, but if JCP really wants to up its fashion credibility and become a destination for fashionistas on a budget it’s going to have to do more than tease Oscar watchers with polished commercials. It has to deliver on all fronts: quality, value and style.  Slow and steady may win the race in other industries, but fashion doesn’t wait.

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