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Five Tips to help yourself or your kids get through a “Lazy Day”

November 22nd, 2010 by Deb McLean

Work isn’t always inspiring whether it’s work-work or homework.   We all have a lazy day now and then when we just don’t feel like working on that project that isn’t due for a week.  As I always preach to Casey, even if it’s not due tomorrow, don’t put it off because you don’t know what tomorrow may bring (more work or an opportunity to do something fun).  Here’s a few tips I’ve come up with to get you through those “lazy days”. 

  1. Go Nike on it.  JUST DO IT!   Instead of trying to make a huge commitment, start ridiculously small. Tell yourself “I’m just going to open up the document,” or “I’m just going to spend five minutes writing.” Usually, you’ll find that initial resistance vanishes once you get going.
  2. Beat the Clock! When you want to squeeze out a bit more work in a bit less time, race against the clock. Give yourself a challenge: if you think that cleaning the closet will take a half an hour, set your timer for 25 minutes. Using a timer encourages you to stay focused, partly because you know that time is ticking away, but also because you know that after half an hour, you’ll be done. But make sure you’re still doing a good job on your task!
  3. Let the Music move you! If you exercise regularly, you’ll probably know how useful music can be. The same goes for almost any work that you’re doing. If you’re trying to power through your emails or get your filing done, fast and energetic music can help you feel awake and energized.
  4. Make a game out of it. Give me someone to compete against, and I’ll get all fired up.  I hate to lose. Look for a way to turn your work into a competition: this could be something informal with your friends, a competition that you find online, or even something you start up yourself.
  5. A job well done.  Reward Yourself.  Give yourself some small reward when you complete a difficult task.  Although a job well done is often a reward in itself, it’s less painful to reward yourself along the way.

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