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Frequency sells

February 7th, 2011 by Deb McLean

Networking in the community and building referrals is essential to the success of any business.  Even as a big fan of media, there is nothing more powerful than what people say about you or your product “word of mouth”.   However, advertising and marketing must also be a part of your mix.

Many people think that advertising and marketing are the same thing and call it “promotion”.  Yes, the goal is the same to build your business, but these two things are very different.

Marketing is the overall strategy under which advertising falls.  Marketing your business includes blogs, memberships to local business organizations, creation of promotional products and participating as a vendor in a business expo. These things help keep the name of your business out in the community on an ongoing basis. The likelihood of these strategies assisting in the making of a sale today is not as strong as the advertising portion of the marketing plan.

Advertising is a paid-for, persuasive message that presents a product to potential consumers. Again, advertising is only a piece of the pie of your overall marketing strategy, but an extremely important one. The challenge to any business comes when deciding how much to spend or how many components does your advertising need to contain.

There is no correct answer and will differ on your business and where you are in your growth cycle and your business objectives. Some will say to spend a fixed percentage of gross sales on your overall marketing, but if you’re a new business, you need to spend more on generating new clients. Try to use as many distribution channels as possible for your message and make certain they are targeted.  It’s key to be sure that it’s affordable long term and you can measure your ROI.

Whatever elements you choose to utilize, you must reach your potential clients with frequency because more often than not, you don’t know where they are in the buying cycle.  Frequency sells and comes in many forms.

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