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August 22nd, 2011 by Deb McLean

I lost 13 pounds in the past year.  Gained 3 back, but I’m going to address that starting today.  It got me thinking that there are direct corollaries between getting/keeping your body in shape and getting/keeping your business in shape.  It’s all about common sense and sticking to the fundamentals.

Developing a plan to attain your personal or business fitness shouldn’t require you to buy anything…that just makes some else’s business better.

KISS (Keep it simple stupid):  If it’s complicated, chances are it’s a bad choice.  Seek out foods with fewest ingredients (most that you can pronounce), and business practices and decisions with the fewest “moving parts”.

Be Disciplined and Execute Consistently:  Put a plan in place and stick to commitments that you can make.  Progress comes with persistence and consistency.

Cut Fat, Not Muscle:  Build lean muscle.  Spend money and resources on the things that are most productive and yield optimal results.  Target fat in your business (like travel and entertainment) and not muscle (like advertising and promotion).

Measure your Success:  Anything that you measure will improve.  Set benchmarks personally and professionally.  Without those measurements, you’ll know little to nothing about your progress or what changes you need to make.

Have Fun:  Any task, job or business you don’t enjoy at some level will wear you down.  Enjoy that special meal every now and then and find time to celebrate your professional success!

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