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How much is $50 really worth?

November 17th, 2010 by Deb McLean

My good friend Krista recently had an experience with a Garage Door company.  Her garage door opener wasn’t connecting when the button was pushed.  She called the company who installed it and customer service should have handled it this way. 

Thank you for calling Mrs. P, what problem are you having?”  “Okay, would you do me a favor and check to insure that the sensors located near the floor by your garage door haven’t been knocked out of alignment and are still facing each other?”  “Great, I’m so glad that was all it was, thanks for your business and for calling ABC Garage Doors”

That’s not how it went, she had to take time off work to make an appointment (within a 4 hour window, of course), so the “technician” could be there for a total of 3 minutes to handle what could have been done over the phone without the $50 charge.

Now, I’m all for companies making money for service calls, but my friend paid $50 for something that could have been handled with a little trouble-shooting on the phone and saved a customer.  My friend was a little miffed and will now go to great lengths to buy her next garage door opener from any other company than ABC Garage Doors.  And, she’ll be sure to tell her friends and family about how it was handled.  Customer lost.  How much is $50 really worth?

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  • Good blog and great point about poor customer service which is all so common in this day and age. I would not rest with this garage door thing happening and would call the co and let them know of my dissatisfaction, but only talk to the owner. If we don’t demand better service as consumers, co’s will continue on the same old track. Had to do this in a nat’l teen clothing chain store recently, busy afternoon and just 1 inexperienced cashier ringing up the 10+ waiting customers. I lasted 5 minutes then asked for the mgr and suggested nicely she be out cashiering too, or get at least 1-2 other to help her paying customers. She said ” cashier is all I had scheduled,” but I pointed out that at least 6 other store associates were there chatting and folding clothes throughout the store, I told her I felt she was providing poor service in not having several registers opned and manned. It took a few minutes for my comment to register, (with the very young looking 19-20 ish mgr) but then it clicked, I thanked her when she opened the 2nd register and made my 3 digit purchase. much to my to my teen daugther’s embarassment. As paying consumers, we must try to fix the customer service level when it is broken and I’m not afraid to do so :>”