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I don’t wanna grow old

July 22nd, 2011 by Deb McLean

At some point, most brands, organizations, countries and yes, people, start talking about themselves like they’re old.  I’ve never really felt old, although it did enter my mind last week when I looked around a meeting and realized that everyone else was half my age. 

I recently found myself talking about myself like I’m getting old and I’ve made a decision I’m going to STOP IT! 

I personally don’t believe in “I can’t change direction” or “I’m not going to be able to learn this new technology.”   We all need to continue to thirst for knowledge and new challenges.  That’s what will “keep us young”.

The truth is this, it’s your choice. It’s possible to put out a hit record at 40, run your first marathon at 60 and jump from a plane at 80. Nothing is quite as easy as it used to be, but that’s what makes it worth doing!

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  • Dont worry Deb – when I think of you, “old” doesnt even enter the picture! You are so innovative and willing to learn anything, you’ll never be “old”! And I can totally see you running a marathon at 60! :)