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I wanna be a Googler…

March 15th, 2013 by Deb McLean

Okay, not really.  I love what I do at Cox Media Group, but Google really does impress me.  I was recently invited to visit the Google campus just outside of San Francisco.  What an amazing environment for promoting innovation and collaboration.  There are restaurants throughout the campus and it’s all FREE (they call it the Google 15…new employees typically gain 15 pounds their first year)!  Smoothie bars everywhere you look, a couple pools, exercise rooms, volleyball court, bowling alley, doctor/clinic on site, haircuts, commuter buses with wi-fi and the Google bikes.  They are everywhere and used by employees when going from one building to another.  As you would expect, there’s recycling and organic gardens.  In one building there was a slide going from the second floor to the first.  There’s too much to remember.  It’s like an Adult Disneyland with high productivity!

Google did a study that showed that some people really are more productive when they are able to catch a quick nap during the day.  So, employees are able to reserve a “sleep Pod” for that desired cat nap.  Needless to say, their employee retention is very very high.

I’m excited that CMG is a Premiere Partner with Google.   We couldn’t be prouder of our association with them as they specifically sought out CMG.  This exclusive partnership provides us tremendous resources and our company cultures align very well.  Now if we could just get those sleep pods installed :)

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