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I wish I was friends with Oprah

May 21st, 2010 by Deb McLean

I think I’d just say, “Hey Oprah!   It’s me, Deb!” 

I imagine she’d kindly smile, then give a slight nod of her perfectly coiffed head and the security team would gently lead me away.   I’m pretty certain that’s how our first face-to-face encounter would go.  I feel like I know this woman personally.  I think her ability to make millions of people feel like that is why she’s so incredibly popular.  Like a million other gals, I think very highly of her.  I just wish we were friends.

Cause, Oprah REALLY takes care of her friends.  Oprah has already spun off several well-known celebrities: Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz among them. Also, Oprah’s interior designer buddy, Nate Berkus has managed to leverage his position into a home Furnishings collection at Linens ‘N Things before they folded and then moved it to HSN.

A retailer I admire, Kohl’s, is smart enough to befriend Oprah.  Kohl’s big idea is to sponsor one of the first big OWN initiatives — a televised competition among talk-show host hopefuls intended to identify Oprah’s potential successor. This will be great exposure for Kohl’s, not only because this show will probably do well with their target, but even more so if any contestants break out as personalities in their own right.

Hmmmm, maybe I’ll give it a shot.  “Hey Oprah!   It’s me, Deb!”

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