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Make it positive

April 15th, 2011 by Deb McLean

Children today have a lot of pressure.  Much more than when I was a kid.  School is harder.  It’s much more difficult to get into college.   There’s more pressure to specialize in sports, music or drama.  If most kids want to excel, it requires specialized training whether it’s singing lessons, acting lessons or pitching lessons. 

There’s a ton of pressure in Florida to  do well on FCATs (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests).  Not only are they a reflection of the child’s individual success and confirmation on whether or not they can move on to the next grade, but it also reflects on the school, the district and potentially their teacher’s compensation.  This starts in third grade, runs through eleventh, and places a lot of pressure on kids.

I started a simple tradition back in third grade that really helped Casey feel positive on FCAT days.  We have bacon and eggs  together every day of FCAT.  Haven’t missed a day!  I thought as she was now in high school, she might not want it because she has breakfast with her friends at school every morning.  She looked at me in shock, “You’re not going to make me bacon and eggs?”  I was thrilled.  We had bacon and eggs together this week and she told me each evening, ”Aww Mom, FCAT was easy.” 

This was s simple fix.  I know it’s rarely this simple.  But, it’s important as parents or as managers that we work to make negative situations or tasks as positive as possible.  And sometimes it is as simple as a tradition of bacon and eggs.

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