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Missed your favorite TV show last night? No worries…

July 7th, 2010 by Deb McLean

If you miss your favorite TV show and you didn’t DVR it, you might be able to catch it on Hulu.  And Hulu is free, right?  Can’t beat that.  Not so fast buckeroo, Hulu Plus was unveiled last week.  It’s a subscription plan.  You ask…why would I pay for something I can get free?  Good question.   

Difference is, right now you can get up to five of the most recent TV shows you missed.   By paying $9.99 per month Hulu Plus Subscription, you’ll get more access to a full season of your favorite show, even if the paid service does include ads.  The biggest reason I think this will be successful is that the subscription plan will make it possible to play Hulu content on other devices, including the iPad, the iPhone and that big contraption called a TV.   This brings the subscription’s value to a whole new level. The free Hulu won’t run on the mobile devices and it’s been proven that consumers will pay for apps for those devices — and TV.  

In the future instead of clustering around the TV, families may be able to sit around the dinner table and watch their individual TV shows to avoid talking.

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