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Online Advertising needs to be creative

September 24th, 2010 by Deb McLean

Marketing folks get all caught up with measurement and metrics with online advertising.  If marketers do their planning and creative around the fact that the internet can be a very targeted medium, they will have more successful campaigns.  I firmly believe that good creative helps cut through the clutter.

The following are a  few of Dynamic Logic’s recommendations for better-performing digital creative:

Highlight the brand prominently throughout the ad. “Intrigue is rarely a good strategy in online campaigns,” the report says. Ads with omnipresent logos had the highest brand and online ad awareness.

Make each second count. Whether it’s brand awareness or a call to action, the ad should support the message at all times. The ad will probably only get one second with the user, so each one counts.

“Reveal” ads don’t work. Get right to the point, because you can’t expect the user to wait around and watch the ad in its entirety.

Stay simple. Dynamic Logic recommends using no more than two messages per execution. For example, copy-heavy ads for financial services advertisers tended to underperform on awareness.

Use people. People imagery was found to work especially well for financial services campaigns.

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