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Remembering what’s really priceless…

May 27th, 2013 by Deb McLean

130521155230-one-time-use---ap-oklahoma-city-school-story-topI was working late, but had to run out to Publix to grab something for the next day. I was stressed out. Feeling work pressure and kind of feeling sorry for myself. I checked out and started to hustle out of the store back to my car so I could get back to working on a project (I should have completed two days ago). Something stopped me in my tracks…the front page of the newspaper with a man carrying his small child in his arms following the devastation of the tornados in Oklahoma.

Then I read about a family with an amazing attitude in the face of their destroyed home…

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — A little treasure in the debris of a home that once welcomed Rebecca Garland’s four grandchildren gave her such a delight as her friends and family scoured the mountain of rubble for any mementos left behind by Monday’s powerful tornado.“This is where we measured the kids’ height!” she exclaimed as her son Lee held up a piece of a wall showing the rising tick-marks as his three boys and little girl grew taller and taller — her “sugars,” she calls them. “Oh! Oh! … That’s priceless.”

I need to remind myself when I get caught up in what I think is important…it’s really not.  I mean working hard and doing a great job is certainly important, but finding something a simple as a piece of the wall where they measured their kids’ height…that’s priceless.

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