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Stop sending us pigs!

September 29th, 2010 by Deb McLean

I enjoy Facebook.  But, I can’t stand Farmville or Mafia Wars and if you try to get me to play, I’m likely to “de-friend you”.   Don’t think I won’t! 

I love to see pictures of your kids in their Halloween costumes and read funny stories about them, but I don’t want to know that you’re going for your 4 mile run and then yoga EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY or that you don’t have vanilla extract for your cake.  My goodness, I didn’t know that much about you in high school, why should I know every little detail thirty years later!

I enjoy reconnecting.   But this new technology gives us the ability to engage in the electronic equivalent of eating with our mouths open or talking through a movie.  People can get annoying really quick.

We’d never do these things in real life because we don’t want to be annoying or pushy. But perhaps because so many of us are new to social cyberspace, we’re not as aware of how we’re bugging our Facebook friends.  I caution my daughter to be careful what she posts.  Something that she’s excited about, will look like bragging to others.  You have to be careful what you’re putting out there.  Same situation as reading an important email twice before sending it (AND, NEVER TYPE IN CAPS, PEOPLE THINK YOU’RE YELLING AT THEM!!!!!).  It’s all in the interpretation.

Those who play Farmville or Mafia Wars or one of the many annoying games on Facebook, please understand.  Many of us are just too busy to play along.   It makes us feel guilty to ignore you. After all we love you, but we’re working and Bessy, the lost cow, is not real. If you promise to stop asking us for help on a farm that exists only in cyberspace, we promise to help when you need us in real life. In the meantime, please stop sending us pigs!

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