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Your Business Culture is your Brand

October 8th, 2010 by Deb McLean

It’s pretty obvious that I love great creative.  I feel that our society is so inundated by messages it takes something special to cut through the clutter.  It’s pretty obvious I love social media.  It’s the new “word of mouth”.  A viral message that just gets to more potential consumers quicker than the old “word of mouth”.  But, even the most creative business leaders recognize that success is not just about marketing differently from other companies: more daring ads, more new products, more aggressive use of Twitter and Facebook. It is also, and perhaps more important, about caring more than other companies — about customers, about colleagues, about how the organization conducts itself in a world with endless opportunities to cut corners and compromise on values.

That’s what helps you stand out among your customers, and stand out from the crowd in a super-competitive marketplace. The new “power people” inside the best companies represent a partnership between marketing leadership and HR leadership. Your brand is your culture, your culture is your brand.

The day-to-day interactions between consumers and front-line employees are a huge part of a brand’s identity. It’s typically what the consumer “walks away with” and ultimately how your company or brand is perceived in the consumer’s mind.  Advertising is important.  Logos, website design and creative messages are important, but if consumers have a positive experience every time they interact with your brand, that’s what builds your reputation.

You can’t be special, distinctive, and compelling in the marketplace unless you create something special, distinctive, and compelling in the workplace.  Make sure your business culture represents your brand .

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