Marketing, Motherhood, and Mayhem

Business Class

My philosophy on business is simple.  Like a good marriage, I see business as a partnership.  My clients and I work together to create marketing solutions.  Marketing is a scary concept for many companies.  Where do you put your money and where will it generate the highest ROI? The options are abundant and can be overwhelming.  Potential distribution channels have become more complicated and fragmented. But before you look at getting the word out, do you know who your ideal consumer is, and more importantly, do you know what they want?  It may actually be different than you think! Together we can find those answers through a marketing discovery process that has enabled me to help lead businesses to more effective marketing that provides a greater return on investment because it responds to the ideal customer profile. We must LISTEN to what your ideal customer wants.

Marketing encompasses everything. When you consider everything in relation to your key customers, then they respond accordingly. Marketing extends well beyond traditional mass media. A proper marketing plan includes research, marketing strategy, brand development, merchandising, quality control, all touch points of your business, creative, social and mass media and execution.

Marketing is very much like motherhood. As a Mom, it’s essential to know all the components of your child’s life. Are you asking the right questions? Who are their teachers? Who are their friends? How do you insure the best influences are developing your child’s “brand”? Like a marketing plan, this is forever changing based on outside influences and maturation. Adjustments must be made based on those influences. The channels of communication must remain open and they should flow both ways.

It’s not just talking. LISTEN. Listen to your customers. Listen to your children. If you don’t ever listen, you’ll never learn.